Printing Using Natural Materials

Year 1 started off the new term with some art work, inspired by patterns in nature and the work of William Morris. The children looked at how William Morris used the shapes, colours and patterns in nature to design his prints. They then created their own print blocks using natural materials collected from the school grounds. The children used their printing blocks, inks and rollers to make their prints on paper. Year 1 are such a creative class, thinking carefully about what to choose for their design and how to arrange it on their block.



Year 1 Artists!

Year 1 have been busy creating Christmas decorations out of clay for the Christmas Market. They carefully cut out their shapes and decorated them using a selection of sparkly materials. What a creative and artistic class we have in Year 1!

We have also been looking at the shapes and patterns in leaves, sketching them and talking about the colours.



Visit by Teddy Medic and his team

Today KS1 classes were treated to some specialist training by Southamptonn A&E medical team. The children all brought their poorly teddies and were put through their paces learning the essential basics in when to give CPR. Following an initial talk by Dr Summerhayes, the children were split into groups to take part in smaller first aid activities, including the technique of administering CPR.

Back in class, and with our patients making a full recovery, the children set about designing an essential guide for when to give CPR.

We would all like to say a big thank you to Teddy Medic and his team for the fun we had learning such an important potentially life saving skills.

Map Making!


On Wednesday afternoon this week Bramshaw Class investigated the KS1 classroom layout. We did this by doing a walk-about with a clip board and paper, sketching where different rooms and features could be found. We then used our sketch plans to map the layout in bricks. We all realised that mapping requires good observation skills. accurate measurements and a good sense of direction! We also had lots of fun working in small groups with our friends making our school maps!



Having fun making number bonds to 10!

We have been working with multilink to solve missing number bond problems to 10, for example: 2+ ? = 10. We found this a bit tricky to begin with but we persevered and were surprised how quickly we solved them towards the end of the lesson! We also talked about the pattern we could see as we wrote the number bond sentences in consecutive order. We certainly put our ‘thinking caps’ on today !

Settling in!


We have begun our focus on traditional tales in Bramshaw Class, and started to learn the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Outside, we we have been busy designing and building the Giant’s castle and preparing his supper in our kitchen! In maths we were thinking how we could represent numbers to 10; we used a 2 x 5 grid and multilink cubes to show numbers rolled on a dice and thought about which patterns represented a quantity in the best way and why.

Have a look at our KIRFS (Key Instant Recall Facts) page to see the number fluency we will be working on this half term and have a go at home  .