Bramshaw Time Travellers!

On Wednesday 20th June  2018 Bramshaw Class set off on a journey to the Past…and it didn’t disappoint! Throughout the day we were able to explore toys of the recent past, compare and contrast the materials that toys were and are made of, solve a timeline puzzle using the evidence around us to identify which decade toys belonged too and learn that sometimes the best activities are those with our friends and our imaginations!

We had time to explore a village set in two time periods – 1930/40’s and 1880/90’s – and discuss the changes that had taken place over that period of time. Luckily we found some ration cards which we exchanged for some sweets – although there weren’t too many! – and enjoyed using old penny coins to work the slot game machines.

The teachers and helpers were extremely proud of Bramshaw Class, from their efforts with costumes (although we know we have our parents to thank for this too!), to how they behaved around the museum. We all had a super day!

Many thanks to our parent helpers for your time and support to enable us to have this fantastic experience.



Testwood Lakes Trip


Bramshaw Class had a lovely day at Testwood Lakes on Friday, learning about animals through lots of outdoor and hands on activities. The day began with pond dipping where the children found tadpoles, water boatmen, pond snails, dragonfly nymphs, a newt, water lice, and much more!


The children hunted for mini beasts in the shade of the woods, finding worms, centipedes, millipedes, woodlice, beetles, slugs and spiders. They then sorted them according to how many legs they had.


In the education centre, the children explored animal skulls and teeth, learning about the features of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.


A walk through the meadow and the woods enabled the children to spot signs of animals; we found rabbit droppings, fox poo, holes, the remains of a foxes meal, a deer print and various insects and spiders.



Cricket Coaching

Last Thursday afternoon, the Year 1 Class had their first cricket coaching session. This was delivered by Coach James Hibberd from Hampshire Cricket. The children enjoyed some throwing and catching activities in the sunshine.

Don’t forget to have your PE kits in school this Thursday for more cricket and this Friday for a tennis taster!

Releasing the Butterflies 🦋

Three days after they emerged from their chrysalides, the ‘Painted Lady’ butterflies were ready to be released. Once released, they found food (nectar) from flowers. When they are ready, they will continue the lifecycle, eventually laying eggs which will produce more caterpillars.


Feeding and Flight 🦋

After the butterflies  emerged from their chrysalides, they were ready to feed. Until their release, the butterflies used their proboscis (a bit like a straw) to suck up nectar from the flowers placed in their habitat. Mrs Lea added sugar solution to the flowers to make sure the butterflies had enough to eat.

The butterflies made their first attempts to fly as their wings became stronger.


Exciting Butterfly News! 🦋

At the start of the Easter holiday, our caterpillars had each changed into a chrysalis and could been seen hanging from the lid of their pot. They were carefully transferred into their butterfly habitat in their new home (Mrs Lea’s house).

Mrs Lea was very excited this morning to find 3 of the butterflies had emerged from their chrysalides overnight! Don’t worry if you see a red liquid near the butterfly; this is called meconium (not blood) and is a normal and healthy part of the butterfly’s emergence.



As I have been typing, another butterfly has started to emerge! The butterfly’s wings are crumpled up when they first emerge but they soon start to stretch and smooth them out.